While we can all agree about the fact that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, sometimes a girl just needs a little help. A boost! And by boost I mean a little contour here, a little lipstick there and finish it off with some GLOW.

Michael Patterson is in the business of transforming a blank canvas into a stunning and vibrant piece of work. His brushes have touched more celebrities than you can even see on a Hollywood Bus Tour! During our interview what stood out most about Michael is his appreciation for other makeup artist and his love for transformation.

Expert Tips on How to Get Your Best Brows With Makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Michael Patterson says though we might not think about it, two brow pencils are always better than one, and that creating a naturally full and dimensional brow begins by layering pencils. “Choose a pencil with a shade closest to your hair color and one slightly darker. Apply the lighter shade by using small, light pressured ‘hair-like’ strokes, following the direction of hair growth,” Patterson adds, explaining that this technique will create volume. “Switch to the deeper shade and use the same technique, this time focusing more toward the middle and tail of the brow for added definition.” Patterson's favorite: MAC Cosmetics Eye Brows Pencil ($17) "for the best precision and color range.”

Makeup Artists Sound Off the Most Flattering Ways to Wear Rose Gold Makeup

Start With Foundation
As counter intuitive at it may sound, celebrity makeup artist Michael Patterson says creating the perfect summer glow starts by infusing a copper or rose gold pigment into your foundation. "I love MAC Cosmetics' Tan Pigment ($22) for a universal shade that fits most skin tones. Start by buffing a sheer veil of foundation onto the face. Next, add a small amount of pigment (less is more!) into the foundation and mix together thoroughly. Buff this mixture onto the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, cupid's bow and chin. This will give a subtle ‘glow from within’ that's perfect for the summer months.”

Gild Your Pout
“Metallic lips are trending, and a rose gold shadow is the perfect way to punch up that pout," says Patterson. "Apply your favorite nude lipstick and blot with a tissue. Grab a rose gold eye shadow and use a fluffy brush to buff the color onto your lips, starting in the center and gently working outward to create a long-lasting and edgy metallic lip." His favorite: ColourPop's Super Shock Shadow ($5) in Weenie. "The creamy consistency works perfectly on top of traditional or liquid lipsticks.”

Makeup Artists Share 16 Industry Secrets to Fix Beauty Mishaps In a Minute or Less

Keep Lipstick Put
Time: 10 seconds
“To prevent lipstick from transferring to your teeth for a worry-free smile, wrap a tissue tightly around your index finger, close your lips around your knuckle, and without opening your mouth, pull out your finger. Viola—you’ve removed the lipstick color from the inner part of your lip preventing transfer to your teeth without disrupting any makeup on the surface.” 
Michael Patterson, celebrity makeup artist

All About Lighting
Time: 0 seconds
“Makeup reads differently in various light sources. Bathrooms tend to have soft, warm light in their vanities, making us look our best. However, for makeup, this can be a double-edged sword when we step outside. To avoid it, always try to apply your makeup near a natural light source (like next to a window). This will allow you to see the truest color, keeping your foundation, blush and bronzer in check." 
Michael Patterson, celebrity makeup artist